"The grass withereth,
the flower fadeth:
but the word of our
God shall stand for
ever." - Isaiah 40:8


Contributing to the W. A. Criswell Sermon Library

If you are interested in financially supporting this ministry, please contact Mr. Jack Pogue at the W. A. Criswell Foundation, 214-740-3240, or write to us care of:

The W. A. Criswell Foundation
2000 McKinney Ave, Suite 975
Dallas, TX 75201

What is the W. A. Criswell Foundation?
A Texas, non-profit charitable corporation established in 1973 and named in honor of Dr. W. A. Criswell who was pastor of The First Baptist Church of Dallas and founder of The Criswell College.

What is the purpose of The Criswell Foundation?
The main objective of the Foundation is to provide for the long-term financial needs of Criswell College. The Criswell College exists to provide biblical, theological, professional and applied education on both the undergraduate and graduate levels, based on an institutional commitment to biblical inerrancy, in order to prepare men and women to serve in Christian ministries as pastors, counselors, missionaries and church staff members. Along with contributing to the College's financial needs, the W. A. Criswell Sermon Library preserves and promotes its spiritual heritage through the preaching ministry of Dr. Criswell.

How does The Criswell Foundation operate?
The Criswell Foundation is a 509A-support foundation. Seventy percent of earnings go to The Criswell College, twenty percent to the W. A. Criswell Sermon Library, and ten per cent to First Baptist Academy. The board of directors governs all Foundation activities.

Has the Criswell Foundation been successful?
From an initial gift of $15,000 the Foundation has grown to over $25 million in net worth. Sixty-two individuals have established trusts and endowments through The Criswell Foundation. The income from these endowments will provide biblical higher education for preachers, missionaries, counselors and other church staff members until Jesus comes again!

What types of gifts can be made?
  • Cash
  • A living trust
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Life insurance policies
  • A bequest in your will
  • Real estate or other properties
  • Oil and mineral rights
  • A gift or bequest of your home or business
Are small contributions welcome?
Yes, the Foundation could not succeed if it were dependent on only a limited number of generous benefactors. No gift to the Foundation is too small, each gift is needed! Each gift will be blessed of God and used in the work of our Lord. Endowments are generally established with a minimum of $5,000. Less than $5,000 can be given to the Causes for Christ Endowment which benefits The Criswell College.

Can additional amounts be added to an endowment?
Yes, at any time The Criswell Foundation will accept additional funds for an existing endowment.

Are there ways to lessen estate taxes and other government taxes and maximize contributions to a charitable foundation such as the Criswell Foundation?

Dr. W.A. Criswell

No appeal could be more nearly a reflection of the heart of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, than this urgent hope that you will support our Foundation as it seeks to make possible the ministry of help to the young people who are preparing at our Criswell College for the desperately needed work that lies before them in the churches of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are many things in the purview of any young man or woman, but none is more desperately needed or more heavenly blessed than the efforts of a God-called young man or woman who has given himself or herself to the declaration of the Gospel that saves the soul and the life in this world and in the world to come.

If this message falls into your hands and you love the Lord Jesus and want to be a part of seeking the salvation of lost souls, then may the Lord God in heaven bless you as you make a generous investment of cash, property, stock or designate in your will a tithe of your estate to the Criswell Foundation.

The Criswell Foundation is God's answer to the need of an instrument for the preaching and teaching of the Gospel and the salvation of the lost. Insofar as you are able, support the work of the Criswell Foundation, and may God bless you as we pray His Holy Spirit will bless the Foundation itself.

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